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UMQRA Knit Skirt

A very simple pencil skirt (in as much as a knit skirt CAN be a pencil skirt) in black and grey mixed wool, knit in one piece on 80 cm round needles, from bottom upwards. This was a joy to make as I could finish it within days.

The model is adapted from this winter’s edition of the knitting magazine Rebecca to show the trademark UMQRA pattern… In hindsight it turned out, I should have gone with a size 34/36, though, which is NOT what I usually wear. The skirt tends to start sliding downwards after a few hours. I guess I’ll add belt loops 🙂


My new ‘Sherlock’ pencil case

And in case you wonder why I tagged this “Sherlock” and some other weird things… you have not found the hidden message of this (pencil) case yet. Alas: There’s an error in it – I noticed only today…

It’s machine pieced and quilted. Still, it was quite a bit of work to put the tiny parts together. I stenciled the seahorses using simple cardboard and textile paint for dark fabrics.