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Five Hundred Days Later…


… I have finally found a way to continue my wallpaper, that is both practical and yields clear-edged results! HOORAY!
I just had to share the news, but will write more about the method, and the looong way there, later on.


Wallpaper Pattern Boom

00WALLPAPER_VECTOR I’d like to thank the growing number of people who have asked me to send them the file I made for the very dormant Wallpaper Project. Thank you for reminding me that people do read this, and that there are others about as mad as myself out there… Maybe I’ll even get back to writing one of these days, because of those reminders. Or, crazy thought: get back to the WALL.

Wallpaper issues…

Just wanted to let you know that I have not dropped dead from some sudden illness, or vanished for good. There are several reasons why this page hasn’t been updated for some time, most of them to do with stupid Real Life developments.

But, alas, there is another reason why there weren’t any progress reports on The Wallpaper, in particular. After two more or less successful rows I had to face the fact that my MO was not practical, not economically sensible, and not healthy, either.

Not practical, as the cardboard stencil could only be employed with the help of another person to either do the spraying, or fixating the stencil.

Not economic, because to achieve the intended colour density and uniformity, I used up about one can of spray paint per row.

Not healthy because using that amount of paint in a closed space makes said space more or less unusable for at least one or two days; and that’s leaving aside the fact that there’s no way to avoid breathing in the stuff while doing the spraying itself. Short of a gas mask, I mean.

All this doesn’t mean I’m going to give up on the project, though, as I do own a vinyl cutter… A late inspiration, I know 😉 The thing hasn’t been used in years but Internet research assures me there are still ways to get it working, so the Wallpaper Project shall return once I’ve actually figured it out.

Right now I’m looking into mixing the colour of the first two rows from… varnish? lacquer? You know what I’m talking about, to match the existing bits. Although, knowing my stupid perfectionist self there is a real danger I’ll redo those first rows if the rest works much better, anyway……

I’ll keep you posted.

Update on The Wallpaper

It is more time-consuming than I would have hoped, but I am very pleased with the result, so far! The edges are not as clear-cut as if they were printed, of course, but I rather like the slightly fuzzy effect from close up – and from a distance, you don’t really see it anyway.


So, together with my friend, I managed the bottom row tonight, except for the left-hand corner, where we’d have had to remove the power socket, which was really impossible because my computer’s plugged in there, and we needed the audio drama running 🙂


DIY version of The Wallpaper…

00WALLPAPER_VECTORI’ve been planning to paint my writing room / office / studio 221B style for months now, but RL always got in the way with serious progress. Not anymore!

The first thing I did was draw myself decent vector graphics of the wallpaper pattern (.cdr, but could be converted to a number of file formats) that actually work when tiled. If anyone’s interested, just send a note!

wallpaper_wall01I painted the wall a mixture of very light beige, with just a hint of green, and a good dollop of gold pigments. Actually, I did this, with the help of a friend, many weeks ago. In the picture you see the first, lowest, portion of the wall prepared for spraying.

It took me quite a long time to cut the stencil from 1.5 mm cardboard, and since I aimed for accuracy, there was no way I would leave fillets (I hope it is the correct technical term) to stabilise the, in places, very delicate ornaments. This is what I finally got:

wallpaper_stencil01The cardboard appears slightly discoloured where I saturated the raw edges, which tend to splice, with a solution of casein glue and water; the rest of the stencil should be sufficiently impregnated by the spray paint.

As for the spray paint, I decided on Molotow’s Street-Art Color, black red. You can see its cap at the bottom edge of the second picture…

All right, let’s see how this works!

My new ‘Sherlock’ pencil case

And in case you wonder why I tagged this “Sherlock” and some other weird things… you have not found the hidden message of this (pencil) case yet. Alas: There’s an error in it – I noticed only today…

It’s machine pieced and quilted. Still, it was quite a bit of work to put the tiny parts together. I stenciled the seahorses using simple cardboard and textile paint for dark fabrics.