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Five Hundred Days Later…


… I have finally found a way to continue my wallpaper, that is both practical and yields clear-edged results! HOORAY!
I just had to share the news, but will write more about the method, and the looong way there, later on.


DIY version of The Wallpaper…

00WALLPAPER_VECTORI’ve been planning to paint my writing room / office / studio 221B style for months now, but RL always got in the way with serious progress. Not anymore!

The first thing I did was draw myself decent vector graphics of the wallpaper pattern (.cdr, but could be converted to a number of file formats) that actually work when tiled. If anyone’s interested, just send a note!

wallpaper_wall01I painted the wall a mixture of very light beige, with just a hint of green, and a good dollop of gold pigments. Actually, I did this, with the help of a friend, many weeks ago. In the picture you see the first, lowest, portion of the wall prepared for spraying.

It took me quite a long time to cut the stencil from 1.5 mm cardboard, and since I aimed for accuracy, there was no way I would leave fillets (I hope it is the correct technical term) to stabilise the, in places, very delicate ornaments. This is what I finally got:

wallpaper_stencil01The cardboard appears slightly discoloured where I saturated the raw edges, which tend to splice, with a solution of casein glue and water; the rest of the stencil should be sufficiently impregnated by the spray paint.

As for the spray paint, I decided on Molotow’s Street-Art Color, black red. You can see its cap at the bottom edge of the second picture…

All right, let’s see how this works!