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Annie’s Reversible Dress

For my quasi godchild Annie’s third birthday, I had this idea of making a simple kind of reversible pinafore dress with two complementing fabrics. I found these at a local shop, for once; I would have preferred to use two slightly more different designs, but well…

I did not actually use a pattern here, but adapted the bodice part from one (in order to make sure the armscyes were all right, mostly), adding the button tape in the centre back. As simple as the idea was, the actual sewing took quite some time, since both sides had to be executed with equal accuracy, and gathering both skirts at the same time gave me plenty of reason to cuss, too. Still, I am very happy with the result.

In the pictures you see the dress from both sides as well as close-ups of the back. I put small mother-of-pearl buttons on both sides, so that closing the dress is possible with one buttonhole tape.

The other pictures show how I finished the hem with cross-stitches done alternatingly in pink and blue thread, and the arm holes using bias tape and hand-stitching, as well.


Washbag ‘Dotty’

Aside from the fact that this goes to show how bad I am at naming things, I quite like my first little washbag. It was just a quick something I sewed because I actually needed it for travelling, and fast. So I sat down with Pattydoo’s Vicky pattern (to be found here, also with a – German – video tutorial if needed!) and finished this within an hour or maybe one and a half.

In case you wonder why my bag looks a bit… disproportionate, that’s because I got too little of the wax cloth and decided I’d rather have a too short bag than assembling the full-size pieces and get seams where none should be…

So far, the bag holds all my bathroom necessities nicely, though it IS just that bit too small to store them without an effort 😉

Test Coat Step IV – Pockets

Finally I get to write a little update here. It’s not that I haven’t made any progress, I just preferred making things to posting about them, due to time restrictions…

I finished the pockets despite, as you will be able to see in the pictures, some problems with my sewing machine, specifically thread tension.


First, I copied the pattern, added the to be folded facing part at the top of the pocket (about 1”) and cut a corresponding piece of lining, as you can see in the second picture.

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Test Coat Step III – The Belt

For the most part, making the belt was straightforward – I’m not entirely happy with it, though. You’ll see why, in a minute.

The four belt pieces are identical in shape. I chalked the rounded corners on the wool pieces as well as two pieces of the light hair canvas (believing that interfacing only one of the backing parts of each belt-half ought to suffice… then).


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Test Coat Step I – The Front Pieces and The Welt Pockets

Finally I have had the time to start work on the coat itself! And it’s very pleasing to do something involving needle and thread and not merely rulers and paper!

Preparing the front pieces

After closing the seam running from the armscye downwards and securing the slit that will later be covered by the pocket, I started, enthusiastically, by padding the hair canvas to the right front piece. Because it interested me. And because I wanted to see the effect this had on the fall of the fabric for myself.
Well. What I should have done before, is a) ironing fusible interfacing on the area where the welt pockets are going to be inserted in the next step, and b) fix the placket in the shoulder area.
As I only realised this after I had completed the padding, I had to remove the whole thing again, of course. Well, it didn’t happen again on the left front piece afterwards…

The closed side dart and the horizontal cut covered by fusible interfacing. You can also see the area where the welt pocket will go, which I have also doubled with the same light, woven fusible.

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Cutting outer fabric and a bit of hair canvas…

This has only partly been in coming so long because of, well, procrastination on my part… I had to switch to an older camera that’s got severe connectability issues with anything newer than XP. But now it’s running just fine, so I can properly update again.

All right. First of all, a picture of the collection of different hair canvases and other interfacings I ordered for trying out on the test coat:

I’ll add more specific description when I get to using them… Most are the sew-in variant, but there are also two fusibles I might try on smaller bits and pieces.

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New love!

Got an excellent book for my birthday, that’ll help me a lot with the COAT (I hope).

Atelier Fachwissen
Atelier Fachwissen

The title is “Atelier Fachwissen” (“Studio Know-How” ;)) and it’s one of the books edited by the “Rundschau Verlag”, which also publishes one of the few remaining professional tailors’ magazines, “Rundschau für internationale Damen-/Herrenmode…”. This book has it ALL! The pictures are in b/w, but pretty clear, and it covers almost all the points I need. For some reason, there are no explicit instructions concerning double-breasted coats/jackets anywhere, which I do find a bit strange. It’s not that unusual to have a double-breasted coat, surely…

But otherwise, the instructions are all there, and I’ll surely refer back to this one quite a bit in future, once I’ve actually cut the fabric and started putting the (trial) coat together. More pictures will probably follow, as well…