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Quilted Sony PRS Birdie Case

Just a little something I made for a friend, for her birthday. The sparrow fabric is left-over scraps from my living room cushions (Joel Dewberry, I checked it), the rest upholstery canvas and some IKEA cotton. I was quite happy with the result, apart from the fact that I managed to iron the flap too hot, so the batting lost some of its fluffiness there.


My new ‘Sherlock’ pencil case

And in case you wonder why I tagged this “Sherlock” and some other weird things… you have not found the hidden message of this (pencil) case yet. Alas: There’s an error in it – I noticed only today…

It’s machine pieced and quilted. Still, it was quite a bit of work to put the tiny parts together. I stenciled the seahorses using simple cardboard and textile paint for dark fabrics.