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Well, it has happened now. My (and my husband’s) first novel has been available in English for some time, but only recently did we publish the German edition – and three days later we got mail from one of the largest German ebook publishers, who have picked INFORMIUM as their “Favourite Book of May” O.O

Which has given me the courage now to tell you about it here, as well. Maybe some of you enjoy the sort of thing we write and would like to check it out… That’d be just absolutely awesome!

infoC80In the middle of the Egyptian desert, an excavation crew headed by Peter Conrad hits upon a huge burial ground. The archaeologists quickly notice that things don’t fit together. The mummies they find cannot be dated and show signs of severe congenital diseases. And the religious inscriptions littering the site are equally mysterious. As Egyptologist Lisa Franks discovers clues that the Nazis carried out top-secret excavations here back in the day, a member of the team is found stabbed to death.

At the same time, East Berlin is shocked by a series of murders, that brings Volkspolizei-Hauptmann Josef Keller face to face with a conspiracy that goes back to the days of the Third Reich, and seems to be connected to the events in Egypt.

After a raid on the excavation house, Peter and Lisa manage to flee from Egypt. But that is only the beginning of a deadly hunt for a secret society in the divided city of Berlin.

English (US) edition of INFORMIUM on amazon.com

German edition of INFORMIUM – Tödliches Experiment on neobooks.com