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Almond paste Burial (Archaeologist’s Delight II)

Well, another of my archaeological baking adventures, this for the birthday in 2009!

Apparently I didn’t take pictures of the finished, dairy-covered burial, but these are from the skeletton with its grave goods. I was aiming for a bit more realism in the excavation experience this time, too, as you can see, because… well, it IS a skeletton this time 🙂

This one’s based on a grave in Hallstatt, Austria, one of the most important pre-historic burial sites in Europe. I copied the bronzen plates and weapons to the best of my, and the marzipan’s, abilities 🙂


Burial Mound Cake (Archaeologist’s Delight…)

Well, the blog says it’s for sewing, writing and fangirling. This is something else, but certainly very much procrastination, as well. It’s an ACTION CAKE. Because you have to excavate it before you’re allowed to eat, of course.

I made this, some years ago, for a good friend of mine for her birthday. And yes, she IS an archaeologist…