Fabric on its way (I hope!)

So, this’ll be the one I’m going to use. I’ve had the good luck to get the last 6 m… But they’ll probably re-stock when autumn/winter fabric will be in more demand again, or that’s what the woman on the phone said.
So, what do you think?

And this is a close-up of the original:


Sources & Inspiration

I've been keeping my eyes open for some of the great sewing folk out there in the web to post about their attempts at and experience with re-making the COAT.

Only this week though I finally found jessamygriffin's lovely, adorable, simply irresistible blog on LJ which was what had me decide that I was really going to do this – and made me believe that this was not just another completely daft idea I should drop again as quickly as possible…

So I'll collect the web sources I will or might use here:

And these are my books and other non-web-based resources:

  • Der Zuschnitt für die Herrenschneiderei – System M. Müller
    Cutting in Men's Tailoring – System M. Müller

First steps taken

Well, I have no illusions about getting any serious sewing done before the summer holidays but I’ve started looking for and collecting materials.

After hours spent searching for a halfway decent fabric over the last few days I could’t believe my luck when I found this one on alfatex yesterday! I mean from what I read in different forums the original fabric has been extremely elusive so far and finding a good substitute is one of the major problems for those who tried replicating the coat!
The alfatex tweed looks a LOT like the original I think but I’ll let you know if it’s as good a match as it appears to be on the photo.

I’m slowly getting the impression that the buttons will actually turn out to be the biggest problem…

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