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Friday 13

JUST the right day to let people who might accidentally take a look and wonder know that – despite all appearances – I am not dead yet. Not even close. Just terribly, awfully busy. I know I said that pretty much exactly one year ago. So I won’t bore anyone with more promises… Still, I hope very much that this year will be better for creative madness of all kinds.

We’ll see. I DO promise to check out comments here more often, though.


Darling Florentine

Because these are probably the best-loved and most frequently demanded baked goods in my house, I would like to share them with you. I know, they’re rather Christmas-y, but what the hell. There’s going to be a new Christmas soon enough, and maybe you, like me, have too much baking ingredients left still that you won’t regret using to try these!
Their original German name goes more like Florentine Fingers, by the way 😉

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Miss Me?

Well. My writing, as well as my blogging, life have been on something of a massive hiatus, I know. As always, there are reasons
At least with regard to my fanfiction writing (or lack thereof, rather) it’s very tempting, and mostly accurate, to point the blame at a certain Series 3.
Of course, this may have influenced my ambitions concerning The Coat, as well.
And going from there, since that was my starting point for blogging at all, I sort of fell out of the habit of posting… See, everything’s connected 😉

Anyway, it’s a new year, and the Christmas Special was by far less awful than it could have turned out to be, so I am determined to get back to this – and the writing.

So, to all of you: Happy 2016 🙂

The Florist’s Cardigan

Finally something new to show here! Also, since I promised to put up pictures as soon as possible, I’m posting those of the separate pieces of the cardigan now, even though the entire project has been finished for several days, maybe even weeks, now and I just haven’t had time yet to take decent pics of the cardigan… I’ve been wearing it quite a lot though 😉

So, in this gallery you find all the pieces as they were before I sewed them together and added some plain mother-of-pearl buttons on the front and at the pockets, as well. As I was knitting, I changed some minor things to adapt the pattern to my measurements, and I am very pleased by the way the waistline sits in exactly the right place (for once) and the sleeves are long enough (for once), too. All in all teh pattern was pretty good, though, excellent fit in the shoulders. The only thing I will work on a bit when (not if) I’ll make another one of these, are the sleeves, which could be a little tighter around the elbow. The increase as described in the pattern start too far down the sleeve, for me at least, though the width is just fine around the shoulder and the upper arm itself.

I will add more pictures once I can get to my dressmaking model without freezing to death…

Wallpaper Pattern Boom

00WALLPAPER_VECTOR I’d like to thank the growing number of people who have asked me to send them the file I made for the very dormant Wallpaper Project. Thank you for reminding me that people do read this, and that there are others about as mad as myself out there… Maybe I’ll even get back to writing one of these days, because of those reminders. Or, crazy thought: get back to the WALL.

Test Coat Step VI – Lining

Let’s start with the front lining. First of all, I found I had to change the pattern a little there. As you can see in the first picture, I took away some width of the front facing, reducing it to about 15 cm (the line in black ink).


Have a look at what the book has to say about the cut of the lining pieces:


As you can see, it’s quite straightforward. I decided against the darts, since I do not have the shoulder arrow on the outside piece, either, and the vertical reduction seam (that starts at the armscye) is so narrow, in my pattern, thatI do not think it will make a difference with regard to the fit. Besides… the lazy bunch at Belstaff obviously didn’t do either of those darts anyway 😉 Continue reading Test Coat Step VI – Lining