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The Florist’s Cardigan

Finally something new to show here! Also, since I promised to put up pictures as soon as possible, I’m posting those of the separate pieces of the cardigan now, even though the entire project has been finished for several days, maybe even weeks, now and I just haven’t had time yet to take decent pics of the cardigan… I’ve been wearing it quite a lot though 😉

So, in this gallery you find all the pieces as they were before I sewed them together and added some plain mother-of-pearl buttons on the front and at the pockets, as well. As I was knitting, I changed some minor things to adapt the pattern to my measurements, and I am very pleased by the way the waistline sits in exactly the right place (for once) and the sleeves are long enough (for once), too. All in all teh pattern was pretty good, though, excellent fit in the shoulders. The only thing I will work on a bit when (not if) I’ll make another one of these, are the sleeves, which could be a little tighter around the elbow. The increase as described in the pattern start too far down the sleeve, for me at least, though the width is just fine around the shoulder and the upper arm itself.

I will add more pictures once I can get to my dressmaking model without freezing to death…


Knitting spree

As I said. Since I’ve got a lot of important things to do at the moment, the urge to immerse myself in doubtful projects has become overwhelming. Buying Birgitta Forslund’s book on knitted and crocheted cardigans has not helped matters, either. So I decided that since I’m close to finishing one cardigan from said book (my very first one, I should add), I might as well let you know about what’s going on.

Birgitta Förslund's book Lieblingsjacken
Birgitta Forslund’s book Lieblingsjacken

I really like the book despite two things: I came across something that must be a translation error – and apparently not the only one to be found in the German edition -, that’s causing me a headache now regarding my cardigan’s pockets. One single wrong word (now nicely crossed out and corrected scrawled in green ink…) can be such a pain in the ass! Then there was this review on (about the English original, titled My Favourite Cardigns to Knit) where someone complained that they didn’t like the designs in this book. Seriously? I mean, obviously you don’t have to like them, but why on earth would you buy a book if you don’t care for its content? It seems sort of ridiculous to give it a bad review for not containing what you like… So, I’m currently working on the first sleeve of what’s called the “Florist’s Cardigan,” at least in German, and you’ll see some pictures of the pieces I’ve finished very soon. Before I start putting them together, anyway.
Also, I am delighted by the new wool brand I found through this book’s instructions and yarn recommendation: DROPS. They’ve got excellent wool, at very decent prices – and there are often bargains for certain colours and qualities. I’m using Lima (65% wool, 35% alpaca, 1,70€/50g!) right now, and it’s a joy to work with. I’ve also got some Baby Alpaca Silk (70% alpaca, 30% silk, 2,80€/50g) waiting for the next cardigan, and some Alpaca (100%  well…alpaca, 2,45€/50g) for a children’s vest. I’ll keep you posted on those, as well.

UMQRA Knit Skirt

A very simple pencil skirt (in as much as a knit skirt CAN be a pencil skirt) in black and grey mixed wool, knit in one piece on 80 cm round needles, from bottom upwards. This was a joy to make as I could finish it within days.

The model is adapted from this winter’s edition of the knitting magazine Rebecca to show the trademark UMQRA pattern… In hindsight it turned out, I should have gone with a size 34/36, though, which is NOT what I usually wear. The skirt tends to start sliding downwards after a few hours. I guess I’ll add belt loops 🙂