The Procrastinator

I’m an archaeologist-turned-teacher who got infected with the compulsion to write in her sparse free time and with a questionable propensity to start on ambitious sewing projects at least two levels above her current skill.

Oh, English isn’t my first (or any, really) language either, which makes all this even more insane and time-consuming…

As this blog documents very well by now, my brand of procrastination doesn’t restrict itself to writing and sewing but tends to grab at anything that catches my attention for even a second; in the past year knitting and even – shock! – crocheting have been part of the procrastinating and dabbling condition, as well as cooking, baking and food conserving. Where is it going to stop? I’m afraid nowhere in particular…


5 thoughts on “The Procrastinator”

  1. HEY, just found your website. Super stuff! Love the details. Wish I would have found it earlier, since I’m making a coat for my daughter. How are you getting on? I have problems finding the buttons.

    1. Oh, thank you 🙂 Well, right. The buttons ARE the biggest problem for me, too. There was someone over on who cast replicas from some sort of resin, and I tried acquiring from him, but I haven’t heard from him in ages, now.
      I guess, once I really have got that far, I’ll be forced to attempt making them myself. I’ll certainly let everyone know and post here!
      Good luck with your coat!!

  2. Thanks 🙂 Luck is much needed for a project like this. Found some more details about the buttons. The original grey? have been changed to bbc-Sherlock four hole folded black leather buttons with a gold rim (stiches). The foto at the website of hartswood studios shows them quite well. Haven’t found the exact same ones anywhere. Well, these kind of buttons have obviously been used for military coats etc in times long gone and would be just right for the bbc. has some quite matching brown ones from a shop in Cologne called un-moegliches aus I ordered 10 buttons size 25mm (special request to shopowner). Not exactly cheap 26€, since they still need more work, but as close as one can get at the moment? Have a look since there are not many buttons left!
    Thanks again for your detailed instructions about the Plack. It really makes a difference! I have used one sided strechy iron-on vlieseline for the rest of the coat. Since belstaff has used a membrane, clearly something privates can’t achieve, I dismissed the idea of using roofmembrane and hope the insulating has improved with vlieseline.

    Very well done with your coat. Let us know how you’ re getting on.

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