Jack and Ruby’s Stout Bread (#3)

Why stop something that’s been working so well so far?! So here’s the third installment of my “Following Jack and Ruby’s 52 Loaves Project”-Project…
It took me ridiculously long to find a shop that sold Guiness, or any kind of real stout beer, but eventually I managed to get hold of a six-pack, and the remaining ingredients, as well. imageI have never made a bread with baking soda before, and I think it’s a very uncommon thing here, really. I love the very retro look of their package, though 🙂 Well, after this, I simply followed Jack and Ruby’s Stout Bread recipe and instructions, although I made a mistake that probably saved the bread: I misread “2 tsp bicarbonate of soda” for “2 tbsp”, and actually went with about 3 tbsp out of a gut feeling…

With this error included, the dough worked perfectly! While it wasn’t that much larger after its resting period, the effect the oven heat had afterwards, was very satisfactory: wpid-stoutbread08.jpg wpid-stoutbread09.jpg wpid-stoutbread10.jpgThe crust is pretty much perfect this time,  and I love they way the upper crust formed, too.  The bread smells finely of beer, which cannot ever be a bad thing, but it’s not dominant in taste, merely adding a slightly sour note. Yet another great bread, and I can absolutely assure you it’s not only good for building houses with 😉


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