Hazelnut Spread

Last night I decided to try a super simple recipe for hazelnut spread, usually called Nutella over here, with my glass worth of hazelnuts.

The first step was placing them on a baking tray to roast, which I did alongside some oven schnitzel.
I admit I was completely unprepared for what excellence happens to hazelnuts when you roast them!!! Never having had freshly roasted hazelnuts before, I still marvel at the difference from those you get at the shops. They smelled so lovely, and tasted even better.


After removing their now papery skin, I finally figured out what one needs a food processor for…
Short of grating them by hand, the only option was the herb chopper, so that’s what I did. And did for quite some time, even though I had merely 150 g of hazelnuts.


  • 120 g of sugar,
  • 75 ml of water and
  • about a table spoon of grated dark chocolate.


Put on the stove and boil the mixture at low heat for about fifteen minutes.

Fill into a jar as hot as possible and seal immediately.

You see the ridiculously small amount of Hazelnut Spread I got here. Still, since I hardly ever eat this sort of thing, this might well last me for the next year 😉

Unless it’s too tasty… Who knows, maybe I need that food processor, after all.


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