Jack and Ruby’s Tomato Bread (#2)

imageSo, I have done it! Tomato Bread following Jack and Ruby’s second recipe from their 52 loaves project, though I also checked out the recipe they based theirs on, in the process – ultimately I also decided against the olives, though 😉 The dough looked lovely after its second rise in the baking tin. Also, I made only one, long loaf instead of two. Other than that I stuck to the recipe, with garlic and all, except for using tomato paste instead of purree, and because I was afraid of teh dough not rising enough, I added more than the 20 g of fresh yeast, going with more like 35 or 40 g. imageAfter baking, and cooling out of its tin, the bread looks and smells excellent! Due to the hour – and a filling dinner – trying it will have to wait until tomorrow morning, which is pretty sad… I’m sure it’s just the best quite fresh, still a bit warm. More tomorrow 😉

So good!!! Next time, I will give it some minutes in the oven, out of the tin, though. More crust that way!


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