Jack and Ruby’s Rolls (#1)

True to myself, after putting myself the 1902 challenge, I find myself far more interested in the 52 Loaves Project I came across on Jack and Ruby’s blog. Here’s my take on their very first posted recipe. image The rolls taste absolutely incredible, warm from the oven with salted butter!! If you think my rolls look a bit… flat, well. That’s my neighbours’ fault who dragged me away from was supposed to be a short trip to the garden, making me abandon the rolls for far too long before they finally went into the oven. I don’t think their taste suffered, but I’ll check, next time 🙂 Oh, due to British/German flour compatibility issues, I went with 400 g of wheat flour Type 405 and 100 g of rye, which worked just fine. The only other change was using fresh yeast. Great recipe that now makes me look forward to trying that Tomato Bread that Jack and Ruby followed it with…


2 thoughts on “Jack and Ruby’s Rolls (#1)”

    1. It’s quite awesome, isn’t it? A childhood treasure I only got back recently. I’ll make sure to catch what’s under that roll when I next make one of your breads 😉

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