1902 – Weekly Recipe Challenge Series

Okay, I got a new bee in my bonnet. wrc00

I have this terrible weakness for old books of all kinds, but particularly recipe and baking books with their hilarious advertisements and pictures, their today strange-sounding recipes, ingredients, and their particularly relaxed attitude with regard to all things fat and tasty.
I’ve had Doennigs Kochbuch for several years, actually. I got it for about 4$ at a church bazaar and had to fix its spine with some duct tape, as you can see.  wrc_ad01It’s a mostly unchanged 1940 reprint of the original from 1902, and was published by, and intended for use at, the Ostpreußische Haushaltungsschule in Königsberg (East Prussian School for Housekeeping in – what is today – Kaliningrad).

Now, the bee. I’d like to try at least one of the book’s recipes every week, mostly Fridays or Saturdays, I guess, and see how they work. I’ll try and stick as close to the original as possible, too, except for the use of electric appliances. Because 😉
And of course I’ll post the original recipe, maybe translate it, if anyone’s interested, blog about what happens and take pictures of my hopefully successfully finished1902 dishes…

But how to choose which recipe to try? Of course I have some that particularly interest me, but that might not be the most fun way to go about this.
It would be absolutely brilliant if some of you decided to give me my weekly challenge! So I’ll post the overview index here (the real index is really too long) – I know it’s in German, but hey… you can always look up the words, ask me, or just choose a page blindly 🙂
Otherwise, I’ll probably just roll the dice to pick a random page and recipe myself.


And now, enjoy your Kathreiner, but don’t forget to brew it for three minutes!


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