La Maison Victor…

… REALLY?! I mean, is it me, or is this one of the cheesiest names imaginable for a DIY magazine?

Maybe it IS me. It might be. I know that (and also why, actually) I find the name “Victor” a particularly funny choice. And yet, I think it’s objectively a weird name.

The magazine itself though was an unexpected and delightful find! I came across it by sheer coincidence when I had to busy myself during a lengthy wait at Cologne Central Station last week.
I’m pretty much  over buying Burdas by now because they tend to repeat their patterns over and over and over, with only slight variations that in no way justify spending good money on the thing every month. I also used to get the Ottobre every now and then, but their simplistic designs don’t really make me tick, I have to admit. The Ottobre is nice for the occasional children’s piece, or a straighforward T-shirt, but nothing even remotely sophisticated. I tried the Patrones but they’re rather hard to come by here, and working with the Spanish text-only instructions is quite a hassle for what you get out of it, I find. Though there are interesting pieces in there, at least. Also, I enjoy the Dutch Knipmode whenever I can get my hands on one of those, because their women’s patterns account for females of more than 1.68 m (unlike Burda… just saying).
My last attempt at finding something new was the German edition of the Italian magazine Boutique, which seems just THAT side of too… hm, ladylike? I know, I know.

But well, I have a very positive impression of the new-ish La Maison, which is orginally a Dutch magazine, as well, and came out, as far as my research tells me, last year in Dutch and French. It’s not a sewing magazine in the strict sense, because they include other crafts, as well. There’s quite some knitting and crocheting – for adults as well as children, too – , plus the interspersed bit of general DIY project, but I think they pull things nicely together, actually.

The layout is clean and professional, the designs quite an interesting mix of sophisticated and wearable. I’m seriously enjoying the detailled instructions, too, though I would not necessarily need them. An illustration here and there just makes things work faster. Actually, I have seen a problematic bit of German instruction here and there, too, so it might be best to use the pictures rather than the text 😉
Of course, since there are merely two editions out in German (though I AM thinking about getting Dutch ones from last year, I admit) it’s too early to decide on La Maison yet. But I’ll keep you posted, especially when I’m going to use their patterns for the first time, which should happen next week. Let’s see how dress “Jessy”, 36, works!!

la maison victor
La Maison Victor

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