Wallpaper Pattern Boom

00WALLPAPER_VECTOR I’d like to thank the growing number of people who have asked me to send them the file I made for the very dormant Wallpaper Project. Thank you for reminding me that people do read this, and that there are others about as mad as myself out there… Maybe I’ll even get back to writing one of these days, because of those reminders. Or, crazy thought: get back to the WALL.


6 thoughts on “Wallpaper Pattern Boom”

  1. Hi! I tried this same project, thanks for the excellent idea! Really had a journey trying and failing with so many materials for the stencil, almost gave up at some point, but now I have my whole living room Sherlock style.
    Keep the good work!

    1. Oh wow!!! Send a pic? I’d love to see SOMEone’s finished wall – mine still isn’t. Proof, if any was needed, that this blog’s title contains’procrastination’ for a reason….

  2. Hi, I tried to open the image but it’s too small. Could you send me the original? I’d really appreciate it. Thanks and good luck!

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