A Study in Squash

So. Well. Maybe I shouldn’t go down this road, because, really who am I to pretend and give anyone cooking advice? Those who know me would be laughing merrily at the suggestion, I’m sure.


Since this past summer I have been kind of infected by a totally uncharacteristic, viral need to cook, if not well and competently, certainly more often and more varied, and more creatively (as in on purpose) than I have done for a long time. The baking virus has come upon me at regular intervals, but cooking?! DUH.

Will I be accused of terrible chauvinism if I point out that SURPRISINGLY it was an American who got me infected with the Cooking Virus? Possibly. True story, though. Bee, harbinger of many a surprising gift has left THIS one behind as well, together with a new love of pepper – and squash.

Now, to be fair, I cannot entirely blame Bee for the squash since we never made any when she was here – but I listened to a LOT about a LOT of squash, subsequently, and so maybe my odd brains placed cooking and squash together in the “definitely to be done” section. That said, I have eaten and made squash before, but only ever the Hokkaido-variant.

And THEN I found out about the Butternut, and the following recipe is so brilliantly simple, and the result surprised me so thoroughly, that I’ll share it despite the fact that, as I said, I had better not give cooking advice on a regular basis. Although I will admit there is a “Musqée de Provence” waiting for more experiments that you may or may not hear about…

Okay. A name. Lovely Oven Butternut?


  • Butternut
  • Seasalt
  • Pepper
  • Garlic
  • Rosemary
  • Sage
  • Olive oil

And actually, there is not much more to be said. Just cut the Butternut in half and remove the squishy parts with a large spoon. Make deep, diagonal cuts (try to leave the skin intact) and then spread chopped garlic, the needles of about one small rosemary branch, and a leaf of sage on each half of the squash. Add salt and pepper, and generously drizzle good olive oil over it all. Put in the pre-heated oven (180°C / 350°F) and let bake for about 40 minutes.

Eat terribly, terribly fresh…


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