Master Post

Timeline of The Coat Project

o1 ~ The Decision

02 ~ First Steps

03 ~ Deciding on a pattern

04 ~ Taking measurements

05 ~  Preparatory measurements and calculating

Making the master pattern:

06 ~ Back construction

07 ~ Back adaptation (lower part)

08 ~ Back adaptation (upper part)

09 ~ Front construction (Part I)

10 ~ Front construction (Part II)

11 ~ Front construction (Part III), lapels, buttons

12 ~ Preliminary pockets

13 ~ Collar construction

14 ~ The puzzling case of the sleeve

Master pattern complete!

Drawing the paper  pattern:

15 ~ Tissue paper pattern (Part I)

16 ~ Tissue paper pattern (Step II)

The Test Coat Chronicles

Cutting out the pieces:

00 ~ Cutting outer pieces and a bit of hair canvas

Putting together the Test Coat:

01 ~ The front pieces and the welt pockets

02 ~ The upper back

03 ~ The belt

04 ~ Pockets

05 ~ Lapel and front facing

06 ~ Lining


17 thoughts on “Master Post”

    1. Dear Carolann! I have never gotten round to post that part (which deals with the sleeves, mostly), but now that I know someone is actually interested, I will use part of my Easter holidays to get it done, all right? 😉
      Are you actually doing anything with the pattern? I would LOVE to see that, of course!

      1. I plan on making the coat, however as I am an amateur sewer, I have a lot of studying up and practicing on the great art of tailoring! (i’m a avid, maybe rabid, researcher.) I’ve learned quite a lot from your blog. Please don’t give up on it!
        (Love your eye pic.)

    1. I’m so sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier, but things were rather crazy. I guess the holidays were indeed productive, if not exactly in the way I planned or would have liked them to be. Still, lots of things taken care of… except for the coat 😉 There will be news at some point, but right now I cannot work in my studio because it’s too cold again. I did check on the missing pattern part, though, and actually there is nothing to be done but copy the sleeves we constructed before. If you have any specific problems, or questions, just let me know, and I’ll try to be helpful 🙂

      1. On one hand, I’m jealous you have a studio! On the other, I’m glad you reply. Thanks for the feedback.

        Is the “real” coat photos (I’ve forgotten the owner’s name) taken off the blog? They were great for measurement references.

        Keep persevering! You’ve got fans. 🙂


      2. No, that post is still there and you find it here. I was absolutely stunned when RayR sent me those, and I hope you can make good use of them, too.
        As you have certainly gathered from my posts, I am nothing more than an (overly?) ambitious amateur tailor myself, so: I have lots of faith that you’ll succeed 🙂
        As I said, if I can help you out with anything in particular, a diagram from my old tailoring book etc, just drop me a line again.

        AND I’ll persevere, in the LONG run. FANS, though?! Thank you for your encouragement! You’re very kind. 🙂

      3. Got it! Thank you! Here’s something I read the other day that may help many.

        When you hear it, you forget it.
        When you see it, you remember it.
        When you do it, you understand it.

        I think you are in the last category. Obviously, you have the courage to proceed. Me? I’m still taking baby steps. Practicing, though.

        Fans, yeah. Don’t underestimate yourself.

      4. finally found THE fabric for the coveted coat. I have a long way to go before I actually cut it up, but at least it’s here!

  1. Hello! reading all these comments I am happy you are returning back to the sowing project! I saw this blog last year and got stuck on step 4-5 because the measurements were too big for my size. I am very short (5 feet) but I am very interested in making the coat in a smaller size. I don’t really have a lot of experience sowing but I would like to learn. 🙂 What do you recommend I do to make the measurements smaller? and Where can I get the fabric for less cost? The neck length on the measurements were too big but I already know how to make it smaller. Thank You! Great Job!

    1. Sorry I have been unavailable recently, but RL.. and priorities 😉 As to your questions: making the entire thing smaller, you just work with YOUR individual measurements and do all the calculations anew – this is exactly why I wrote everything down in so much detail, because that way it is possible to adapt the basic pattern to each and every individual figure… It takes a lot of time, though, so don’t rush through things.
      All the best, and about getting cheaper fabric, I am probably not the best person to ask, since I live in some backwaters country and tend to use our local stores here 😉 Would love to hear from you again, when there’s any news!

      1. Hello Sherlock.221
        Have you found THE fabric? If so, could you give information here? I found some earlier this year, but it is not as exact as I would like. I’d appreciate this immensely.

  2. Hi there
    Just to let you know: I’m also very interested in your coat project. Thank you very much for your efforts!
    I myself do not want to exactly copy “the coat”, but rather build something which is inspired by it. Your blog gave me a lot of great hints in that regard!
    I would be really interested to know, how your project is standing at the moment? Can we hope for any updates in the future?

    1. Dear Tilt, it is absolutely lovely hearing this, but I cannot make any promises for this year, because there will be VERY little spare time – not that that is guaranteed to keep me from proceding, but… well.
      Thank you for dropping this motivating note, though! The thing I CAN promise is that I will continue and finish this at some point 😉

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