Collection of Projects…

All right. Since I tend to start a million projects and work on them in a rather haphazard order, if you can even call it that, I will try keeping a list here to help me focus, or at least not entirely lose track of what’s all on… Once completed, things will wander to the end of the list.

Works in progress

  • The Wall
  • The Coat finally making progress again! Writer’s block does have its boons…
  • WTNV Mural – done about 50% now, thanks to the lovely ImpraticalBeekeeping
  • Sew a warm, long vest from knit fabric – pattern pickedpattern copiedpieces cutready for sewing – finishing touches
  • Sew a straight WTNV winter skirt – pattern picked
  • Make slouch caps, one for Julius
  • “Poet’s cardigan” from Lieblingsjacken – back piece – front pieces
  • Children’s vest for Julius – basic pattern pickedwool obtained
  • 2/15 Dress “Jessy” from sewing magazine La Maison Victor 2 (German ed.) – paper patternadapt pattern – copy on fabric
  • “Theatre Cardigan” from Lieblingsjacken – back piece – front pieces

Not yet started

  • Subtly printed UMQRA skirt
  • Make an UMQRA patchwork pattern
  • Design and get woven labels for S&B and WCC
  • Find a project for a 1 yard piece of interestingly textured golden-beige silk
  • Make a warm tulip skirt for winter
  • Late Summer Night’s Dream” Skirt by DROPS
  • Angel Falls” Skirt by DROPS

Finished projects


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