Test Coat Step III – The Belt

For the most part, making the belt was straightforward – I’m not entirely happy with it, though. You’ll see why, in a minute.

The four belt pieces are identical in shape. I chalked the rounded corners on the wool pieces as well as two pieces of the light hair canvas (believing that interfacing only one of the backing parts of each belt-half ought to suffice… then).


After all the padding hair canvas on by hand, I admit I did not quite feel like doing it here again on a piece, where no one would know the difference – and it is only the test coat, after all. So I machine-stitched here, using green thread on the right side of the fabric, of course.


I then seamed up the front and back piece of the belt, right sides together, cut back the seam allowances gradedly and notched the curved parts of the edge.


Next, I turned the belt-half, steamed it a bit and put it on an appropriately formed piece of cardboard to cool. It all looked nice and crisp so far.


Later, I top-stitched  at about 5 mm all round the edges, and as you can surely make out in the picture, the pieces stretched in the process, most notably towards the rounded corners. They measure 7,5 cm there now, instead of the original 7 cm. No big deal, as such, but it is, of ocurse, notable when the two halves are placed on top of another, as they will be later on the coat.

Depending on further progress, I guess, I might make a new belt 😉


Those are not the buttons I will most likely be using for the test coat, by the way. I’ve got green fake leather buttons that probably look nicer…


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