Cutting outer fabric and a bit of hair canvas…

This has only partly been in coming so long because of, well, procrastination on my part… I had to switch to an older camera that’s got severe connectability issues with anything newer than XP. But now it’s running just fine, so I can properly update again.

All right. First of all, a picture of the collection of different hair canvases and other interfacings I ordered for trying out on the test coat:

I’ll add more specific description when I get to using them… Most are the sew-in variant, but there are also two fusibles I might try on smaller bits and pieces.

Let’s have a look at the… cutting schematic? I have no idea what you call this in English, really. The book suggests the following nesting of the pieces on the outer fabric:


As you can see they work with a two, or rather four, piece undercollar, which I won’t be doing, so this only served as a rough guideline when I positioned the tissue pattern on my test fabric. The best I could manage was this:

Well, the rest was marking the pieces, partly with chalk, partly with thread (like here), and then cutting, of course.


I left seam allowances according to the Müller&Sohn book, which you can (hopefully) make out in this schematic:
(coming soon)

And now there’s this pile on my working table 🙂


After this, I have to say, my enthusiasm didn’t last any longer than it took to copy the front interfacing onto one of the hair canvases. I went with the 220g/m² kind:


After this I had a very instructive chat about plackets and what I might use for that – and whether or not I should add wollen batting to make the coat warmer – so I’ll surely be continuing with the interfacing, batting and placket in the near future…


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