Step X – Preliminary pockets

All right, the following steps are kind of optional, really. There’s no need to decide on the positions of the pockets and welt pockets yet, but I tried nonetheless 🙂

FORTY-FIVE (I think).
The flap of the main pockets measures 8 cm vertically, and from the pictures it seems that the lowest buttons are pretty much exactly aligned with their centres. So I made pencil marks 4 cm below and above the button marking.

As you can see in this picture, that means the upper edge of the pocket is situated quite exactly 8 cm below the auxiliary waist line.

So, we can return to that secondary aux line running through point H we drew ages ago, and finally mark point Ta correctly at 8 cm below the waist line.

According to RayR the distance between button and pocket (flap) is 3,8 cm, so that’s where I started drawing. There’s no slope to the pockets that I could make out in the pictures, so I decided for now to make it horizontal.

And here’s the entire pocket, 20 cm wide, 23 cm high.

Still optional, I tried to find the most likely position for the welt pockets, too. Using RayR’s data I drew a vertical pencil aux line starting 4 cm right off the pockets upper left corner…

…which I made 7 cm long. This should be the position of the left lower corner of the welt pocket. Since I have problems determining the correct angle for the welt pockets, I’ll leave it at that for now. It’s possibly better to place that pocket during fitting, anyway.


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