Fabric on its way (I hope!)

So, this’ll be the one I’m going to use. I’ve had the good luck to get the last 6 m… But they’ll probably re-stock when autumn/winter fabric will be in more demand again, or that’s what the woman on the phone said.
So, what do you think?

And this is a close-up of the original:


2 thoughts on “Fabric on its way (I hope!)”

    1. It’s from alfatex.de, but I got the last few yards. I made enquiries there on behalf of some people at the rpf, but they couldn’t say whether or not this same, or some similar, fabric was going to be available again…
      Actually, I have got an even closer match by now, which I bought at a German whole saler, and which is quite a bit darker but otherwise the same as this one in the picture.
      The major inaccuarcy of both fabrics is the scale of the grey “dots”, which are half as big as they are in the original… And the surface is less rough, I would guess…

      Thanks for writing! 🙂

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